17 Oct

7 Digital Marketing Certifications that can get you a Job worth Rs. 50,000

Are you one of those who has been fascinated by the Digital Marketing world, but you have no idea from where to start? Have you been working on traditional forms of Marketing but now wish to expand your horizon?

Currently, Digital Marketing is ranked as one of the highest and demanding career sectors to work in. The gap caused due to the skills required in Digital Marketing will create enormous job vacancies in the years to come. These opportunities are waiting to be filled by certified digital marketers. Digital Marketers are recruited by organizations to develop plans and strategies to promote the company’s products or services across the web, conduct brand campaigns, generate leads, and convert them into potential customers.

That said, this creative industry filled with highly talented professionals, all striving for attention from relevant employers. One of the ways that is being explored by many professionals is to pursue a certification course that will improve their skills and give a boost to their credibility – on papers at least. By getting certified and getting them renewed from time-to-time, you’ll keep yourself updated with the latest trends.

Now that you’ve known the importance of being a certified digital marketer, let us look through a run down of certifications that will benefit you to earn the figure of your dreams, and make you stand out.

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Google offers certification courses for individuals to become Adwords certified. In order to become Adwords certified, you need to take Google Adwords fundamentals exam along with an additional exam on search, shopping, display, video, and mobile advertising. Your Google Ads Certification is typically valid until the product area assessment expires. In order to keep your certificate active, you need to periodically retake the Google Ads Fundamentals assessments along with the product area assessment. These assessments do not involve any charges.

  3. Google Analytics
  4. Google Analytics is one of the most searched and demanded certification courses. This course is known to be very technical, and the technicality lacks in most of the marketers. So, if you have this qualification, it’s an added advantage for you since not many would have the skills that you’ll develop. Prospective employers use Google Analytics and Google Adwords tests as a standard to measure your knowledge in an ever-evolving industry.

  5. Facebook BluePrint
  6. Facebook BluePrint is a training and certification program that helps in understanding about how to do Marketing on Instagram and Facebook. BluePrint certification helps in evaluating your skills about Facebook advertising of products and services. Facebook mainly offers two certifications, namely, Facebook Certified Buying Professional and Facebook Certified Planning Professional.

    The Planning Professional certification guides on how to plan effective campaigns through optimizing reach and frequency, and the ways in which you could target audiences for maximum impact. On the other hand, the Buying Professional certification outlines how to develop proficiency in certain areas that include reporting and defining KPIs and utilizing Facebook Pixels.

  7. Programmatic Buying
  8. Over the past few years now, the way advertisers have projected media and the way publishers have sold it has changed drastically. The certificate program in Programmatic Buying & Planning makes use of Programmatic Buying Stimulator that’ll help you in creating a media plan and further executing it end-to-end. This course helps in gaining base-line understanding of planning media campaigns but in a scientific manner. The certification course will not be limited to offering theoretical knowledge, but also practical training in creating media planners with a clear edge over your peers.

  9. HubSpot Content Marketing
  10. HubSpot Content Marketing certification is best suited for content creators. This course covers tips for formulating a valuable and efficient content library along with deploying a successful content strategy. HubSpot Content Marketing certification specifically covers several aspects of the content marketing strategy including the power of content creation, story-telling, content reuse, repositioning of content, evaluating and optimizing it.

  11. HubSpot Inbound
  12. HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification helps in understanding the concept of inbound marketing practices, attracting visitors, generating leads, converting those leads into customers, and turning customers into brand promoters. With this course, you’ll be able to identify your potential clients, formulate reach strategies, and build custom presentations so you can better advise your buyers. This is also the most practically applicable course since you do not require any money to do inbound marketing. It is perfect for Marketers with a limited budget.

  13. HubSpot Email Marketing
  14. HubSpot Email Marketing certification mostly focuses on generating a life cycle for the marketing plans with the help of email design, delivery, segmentation, analytics, and optimization to develop an email marketing strategy that will help in growing your business. This is one of the most powerful certifications that will teach you to manage email marketing secured with inbound methods, and transforming the pervasive email into a powerful marketing tool.

    While there are plenty of other courses out there, but it’s not worth investing your time and going overboard with things. Certifications help, but they’re just a start. The real hidden tips, tricks, and techniques can only learned by practically doing it. These seven popular marketing certifications are some of the most demanded ones in the market – and a majority of them would even pull you a higher salary.