17 Dec2018


Staying ahead of the curve in the marketing industry definitely is extremely rewarding. Reaching the end of 2018 brings in the need to look forward as to what would be coming your way ahead.

Here Are Some of the Leading Marketing Trends to Watch Out For In the Year 2019

    1. Increasing Reliance on Voice Tech.

Language processing in the last few years has up-scaled an exponential curve. Simply put, more and more people now prefer voice commands over physically input of commands.

Reports suggest that almost 3.5 billion of all searches performed on Google are voice searches. This is also because of casual access to personal assistance devices, aggressively marketed these days.

    1. Artificial intelligence.

The future is quite typically here. And what we once assumed to be just a whim possibly an interesting plot twist in an Arthur Clarke book is now what’s driving business worldwide.

A research conducted by Grand View Research suggests that the global chatbot market is reaching a staggering number of $1.2 billion. 80% of business communication, in the next five years is said to be performed through bot messengers.

    1. Machine Learning.

The next big thing in the IT industry is already upon us. It genuinely is the next big idea to be reckoned with. The collaboration of machine learning and artificial intelligence has made it increasingly easier for marketers to develop efficient strategies that hyper-personalise their customers.

    1. Selection of Reality.

Augmented and Virtual Realities are supposedly the big players ready to take wings in the coming year. For those of you unfamiliar with these terms:

a. Augmented reality is a certain imagery or video layered over the viewer’s reality.

b. Virtual reality is a completely computer-generated reality which is accessible through a gear mounted on the head.

    1. Video Content.

Video content currently owns and drives the digital marketing fraternity, and this imagery would not change all that much in the year to come. Videos are still going to be the major factors for the success of any campaign, and in the years to come, it is said that video content will only keep getting increasingly popular.

How to Get These Trends Working In Your Favour?

It is impractical to incorporate advancements of all the trends into your business. You would have to conduct thorough research into knowing firstly what works for your business and what does not.

Being decently good at something is still a sounder business strategy that being fairly average in all. At the end of the day, integration of any of the aforementioned trends requires funds, and if it does not work for you, then it holds a chance of backfiring really bad.

Research is the key element to finding out which of the trends works best for you, and once you have found that one element that lacks efficiency, check for the trends that would solve your problem, and then you instantly make things work in your favour.