16 Jan2019


We spend almost 12 - 18 hours with our mobile phones in a day. We keep our phones aside only while sleeping. However, the gadgets and body trackers have entered in this space as well. It is has become difficult to manage our day without any assistance from devices. While you are so much dependent on devices and gadgets, why not learn a new skill with its help? According to Gladwell's theory, if you put 10000 hours into practicing any skill, you became a pro at it. Here are a few apps that are light on your phone and heavy on your practice. Invest a few hours from hours of your day into these websites and apps. We have curated this list with links to websites that help you master new skills.

1. Google Primer - Just like makeup, this app adds to the necessary awareness and knowledge about branding and marketing. It is a simple app that takes you through several topics, questions, quizzes, and stories and narrates its way through several subjects. It notes the number of hours you put into any session. Google Primer is suitable for students, business owners as well as freshers.

2. HubSpot Academy - Hubspot Academy is like a gold mine for aspiring digital marketers. Get your creative and marketing acumen right on track with over 19 certifications by Hubspot. Hubspot trains you in Inbound, Content, Email and Social Marketing. The certifications you take here are added to your LinkedIn profile and builds your profile as an experienced Digital Marketer.

3. Google Ads Academy - Google has an entire Academy dedicated to educating young digital marketers and freshers in their marketing endure. You can go through all the courses, modules and certifications available on Google Academy for Ads. The courses are in three stages - beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can get certified and trained on Youtube Ads, Youtube video management, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Business Accounts and other Google Tools and consoles. It makes you apt at using tools and consoles, business accounts and its effect on any brand and its visibility.

4. Duolingo App and Website - Hit the streak and keep your streak going. Duolingo is like homework for different languages. Learn several European languages and practice your expertise. Get audio, video and text-based assistance to guide you through learning different languages. It is free; also, it has a premium subscription with additional features. Just like a game, it helps you learn languages to game like structure. Download this app right away. What is better than expertise in Digital Marketing and a Foreign Languages?

5. Quora - Have any questions about new topics you learn? Want to understand the efficacy of any tool? Confused about the more modern versions or setup process for any application? Quora and its millions of users are at your aid. Just post any question or Search about a topic, surf through various spaces and follow your favorite contributors. Quora is an original Q&A format, it tracks your interest and gives best suggestions for same.

6. Youtube: Yeah, well youtube is not entirely about entertainment. You can search for consoles, tools, and various platform tutorials. Post your queries, and there are 100s of experts broadcasting day in day out about using the platforms, devices, and consoles.

7. Moz SEO - There’s no better way to begin your SEO education apart from Moz SEO. Moz is one of the leaders in SEO and learning from leaders is always better than learning via different experts. Moz SEO also has paid SEO courses and certifications that add up to your Digital Marketer profile.

8. Mind mapping and brainstorming apps - One of the crucial aspects of Marketing is ideas, creativity, and brainstorming creative plans. Mind mapping apps help you put your thoughts in line, collaborate and share ideas over different topics.

With these eight apps, websites, and tools you can pave your way for the best digital marketing experience. Thanks to the internet and mobile devices, becoming an expert has zero cost whatsoever.